Friday, January 13, 2012

Subscriber Losses For Top Ten Youtubers

I just checked Youtube stats to see how the Top Ten Youtubers have fared with the potential loss of subscribers given the recent announcement that Youtube would be removing inactive and closed accounts from the total number of subscribers each channel has and it's not pretty.

The totals shown courtesy of Top 100 on VidStatsX, which if you go to their website you will find out how many subscribers the top 100 lost - although VidStatsX's numbers update daily.

Taking a quick look at the stats it looks like the channel that was hardest hit was machinima who lost close to 150,000 subscribers followed by RayWilliamJohnson who was hit with a loss of 138,629 as well as nigahiga who lost 125,169 subs. If you look at the Top 100 list everyone on it lost a portion of their subscriber base. I obviously don't know if your own channel has suffered a loss or not but the website does track the Top 2000 Youtube channel fairly accurately with the lowest listed having 63,500 subscribers. It does look like a LOT of Youtube channels have lost either a lot or a small fraction of their subscribers so you might want to take a look if your own subs are over 63K.

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