Monday, January 30, 2012

So... What Do You Think About SourceFed?

Like many, I've been watching SourceFed and so far I like what I have been seeing. The channel features Elliott (on Twitter as @elliottcmorgan), Lee (@leenewtonsays), and Joe (@joebereta) as well as Kevin (but he's not in this video). Also, some guy named Phil something... Here is their first video since the channel really kicked off replying to comments from viewers. Hopefully this will continue.

First, Philip DeFranco does steal the show with his cameo, but I did laugh at Lee's "real voice" where she sounds oddly like the girls' gym teacher from my old high school (but that's another story for another time). I liked that they answered real comments left by viewers - both good and bad. There are lots of comments about Lee being pretty, hot etc., and yes, she is easy on the eyes, but more importantly, she is also funny. The other two, Joe & Elliott have their moments too and I think this will be a successful channel if they can keep up the pace. I like the currently top rated comment: "Can u wear a bikini next time thanks", which received the following reply: "Absolutely - Elliott".

Just in case you haven't seen any of their other videos from "20 Minutes Or Less" where they upload a short video about what news stories have caught their attention that day, here's one with Lee & Joe discussing "Movie speech stolen by Politician".

These are of course, just a few of the videos uploaded to SourceFed, and there is a humorous video where Lee drops in on iJustine called One on One: iJustine and Lee Sittin in a Tree and IJ seems a little ill at ease with Lee and her suspected "girl crush" on her. Still it is interesting to watch.

The SourceFed channel continues getting lots of new subscribers and since the channel launched January 23rd it has gone from having 103K subscribers to the current total of 221,745 so I guess that would be a fairly successful first week. It will probably continue accumulating even more subs as more youtubers stumble across the channel and we will see if they can continue putting out interesting stuff.

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