Thursday, January 12, 2012

CammehYaBams Vs ThatsoJack: Tempest In A Teapot

I just saw a number of videos that I have to shake my head about. One is from CammehYaBams called How Not To Rant With ThatsoJack And My Final Thoughts On That Vapid Community where he criticizes ThatsoJack content using logic (as well as some strong language). Apparently Jack somehow heard via Twitter that CammehYaBams was going to upload the following video and sent him a message saying to forget about it or he would be sorry.

This was followed by Jack's own reply and I would guess that Jack will probably remove the following video from Youtube shortly but below the video are some of his comments about the video. He obviously took offense to what CammehYaBams said in his video but rather than addressing them himself he simply instructed his almost 70,000 subscribers to go and dislike, flag and work to get CammehYaBams banned from Youtube.

Actually I just read that thatsojack made the video private, meaning that now it cannot be seen on Youtube but what he said in the video to his followers is reflected below.

LOL Hater

"...and I found there was this video about from this guy that alot of you probably know. He made this video about TCProductionsX and he is the, I'm not even going to go into detail. Basically all I'm asking you guys to do is to go to the link below (he provides a link to the CammehYaBams' video about him) and dislike it, give it a thumbs down, and flag it for bullying, promoting hatred, any of the things that would be relevant." Um, a better idea would be to ask them to go to the video and WATCH it first before forming their own opinion about the content rather than just automatically hitting the dislike button and flooding the comments with negative comments.

He continues: "If you have multiple accounts do it on all of your accounts. He says really mean things... All I'm asking you guys to do is help me get this guy off the Internet... hope this guy knows he's in for a little "treat", so you guys can go and dislike and flag that and don't worry cause he messed with the wrong person."

As far as "cyber-bullying" goes, doesn't putting out a request for around 70K fans to use "all of your accounts" in order to "help me get this guy off the Internet" sound a little like cyber-bullying?

What followed was tons of negative comments with little logic, attacking CammehYaBams' looks, etc claiming he was bullying Jack by posting a video criticizing his content. Also, suddenly there are hundreds of dislikes on the video and a bunch of comments crowing "FLAGGED!" but little in the way of intelligent comments about what CammehYaBams had tried to point out about ThatSoJack's content.

One Youtuber posted the following video in defense of CammehYaBams' right to express his opinion. His name is Undertakerfreak1127 who is one of the youtubers who also criticizes what is poor Youtube content and those who try to game the system for financial gain. There is some strong language in this video but the points he makes are relevant.

Thatsojack2 Sends His Fanboys to Attack CammehYaBams After Calling HIM a Bully

If you watch the video from CammehYaBams, be sure to watch the video responses to it (including Jack's call to action) because there are lots of insightful comments in the responses made about this entire tempest in a teacup basically mentioning freedom of speech and opinion and advising Jack to grow up a bit and learn to take criticism rather than trying to turn any perceived slight into an Internet war.

My thoughts are that rather than try to call on all of his followers to attack the video and work to get someone banned for not liking whatever he posts onto a public website like Youtube maybe he would post a rebuttal addressing the criticisms in a truly mature manner.

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