Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Philip DeFranco Gets New Office Digs And Launching Sourcefed Jan 23rd

First, here's a little SourceFed which is a new channel that Philip DeFranco started a while back but now it looks like it will be coming online in about a week (January 23rd to be exact). That link will take you to it on Youtube where 103K others, including me, have already subbed, There were 77K subbed the day before the video below came out.

Do you think this new channel will go anywhere? This new channel along with other stuff, necessitated a move to a larger studio and Phil takes us on a quick tour.

New Home For The Philip DeFranco Show

That's quite the office you have there Mr DeFranco! Good to see that you have Matty roped off from the general public and staff. Maybe get his door so it locks from the outside and leave him in there with just his computer and a motion sensor that yells "Get Back To Work!!" whenever he walks to the door. Hmmm, the secret Sourcefed set? Would have liked a peek in there.

But Phil, about that spare room - I'm callin' dibs. I see that as my own little office and... no? Okay. Like just about anyone else I would say ballpit or something similar. You could always make it like a room that other youtubers could use to film their own stuff, almost like a tiny recording studio (not music because that would be too loud). Maybe they could rent it out for a day or two here and there, maybe another small source of moola for the company and you and your crew might find "the next Youtube Star!" from a group of several out-of-town vloggers. Don't know if that's a good idea or not but it's an idea nonetheless. And the next video is Phil getting ready for the move.

Big Changes In Store

This is actually Phil's last video from his home office although I wouldn't be suprised to see a video or three shot there sometime in the future. When DeFranco and company left he old studio he moved everyone into his house and you see his editor Matty hard at work. Phil also mentions another of his projects called SourceFed which will be up January 23, 2012. The tag line for the channel is "Your only source for news" and there is one short video up so far but expect a lot of content by the time the 23rd rolls around. What kind of content? Hard to say. I don't think it will be stuff about Lyndsay "I'll Be Buried Me In A Y-Shaped Coffin" Lohan or just other celebs but I'll definitely be keeping an eye on the channel.

Along with this move to a much larger studio and the unveiling of Sourcefed Philip DeFranco has been pretty busy for the last few months. He has been posting videos to both of his larger channels like The Vloggity and his main channel The Philip DeFranco Show (which recently topped 2,000,000 subscribers). If you aren't following him on Youtube, last October Phil and his girlfriend Linz did a tour of Europe and posted videos from different countries with a big bash in Ireland where he met lots of subscribers and then posted an hour and twelve minute video of the gathering.

Anyway, looking at the first video it seems Phil and his minions have tons of space to fill but I'm predicting that in a year or so he'll been looking for an even larger workspace to house his people and all the projects they are working on. And remember, he started all this with just himself in front of a camera not too long ago.

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