Friday, September 30, 2011

TheFineBros Peanuts Epic: You're Entering Puberty Charlie Brown!

This is too awesome! TheFineBros have been making great videos on Youtube for a while now and they answer what happens to the Peanuts gang when they start to go through the changes from kid to adult. They also have some great bloppers from the making of the video so go to their Youtube channel and subscribe.

"Wha-wa-wha! Wa-wha-wha-wa-wha!" I always wondered what happened to the adults in Charlie Brown's universe.

The Fine Bros (Rafi & Benny) also have a great series where they show older viral videos to kids and film their reactions. Below is one of their latest where they show the one about the kid trying to show off his epic Star Wars light saber moves. You should watch this one too.

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