Sunday, September 18, 2011

Katersoneseven Snubbed By Doctor House?!

If you follow "Katers Daily Capers" on Katersoneseven you may have known that she was planning on returning to England (just to visit, not to stay) in early September and this is just Kate & Cory (aka Mr Safety from smpfilms and DudeLikeHELLA) are getting ready to fly. One high point is when Kate & Cory spot a certain extremely famous actor waiting to board the plane at the airport...

Kate of course has more balls than I do because I would be a bit hesitant to approach someone so famous and she walks right up to him (grinning like crazy) and asks Hugh Laurie (Dr Gregory House from the television show House in case you didn't know) and requests a hug but is turned away. Now I don't know Laurie but love his work on the show House as well as all of his previous work, but how can you turn down a hug from a pretty girl like Kate? I loved Cory's reaction (at 8:00): "You know, he totally Housed you" and then did a spot on impression of Laurie's walk.

Of course, Laurie probably gets approached a lot for autographs from fans but not requests for hugs in busy airports. I'm guessing that with the hat pulled down and the sunglasses he was hoping to get through the airport unnoticed. Not all celebs want to be "on" at all times and he was likely heading back to England to visit his family and felt he was "off the clock" as far as his star persona and didn't want to draw attention to himself during his own private time. Still awesome that she did get a chance to meet such a big star and when she next meets him she can remind him of how he snubbed her in the airport and get that hug!

Since Kate went back to England she has had a bunch of adventures, renewed old friendships ("The Loud One and that crowd of lunatics) and packed up what remained at her mother's place - actually you get to see Kate's mother in a later video - and has now returned to California with a bunch of boxes in tow. I would recommend watching just about every one of her vlogs while in England and Cory's channels for his take on England, especially her friend "the Loud One's birthday party.

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