Sunday, September 25, 2011

RiotGamesInc Nets 140K New Subs In One Day Breaks Into Youtube's Top 100

There is a gaming channel on Youtube that is blowing up right now. It's called RiotGamesInc who has amassed an astounding 139,500-plus in the past 24 hours. This channel now has over 729,000 subs and that total puts them at around 86th overall on Youtube's Most Subscribed List. How does that happen?

To give those numbers some perspective, JennaMarbles, the next most subscribed channel garnered a mere 6,700 in the last day or so. Apparently the channel has just grown by 24% OVERNIGHT. First, take a look at RiotGamesInc's latest video below:

This video was released September 22, 2011 and has received over 334,000 views which does not even put the video in the top 20 most viewed for the past week. So their video is not driving all those subscribers to them. Actually, the channel has not released a massively successful video from what I can tell. The channel does have lots of videos which have a million to two million views which is an awesome number of course, but there are other channels which have four or five million views or more. Is there some sort of skullduggery afoot? As far as the video above goes, there is not much substantially different from many of the other gaming news channels.

RiotGames has a successful website called with lots of devoted players (see their press release from July 26: Riot Games Celebrates the End of League of Legends Season One: Registered Players Surpass 15 Million, with Over 1.4 Million Players Every Day) also there are tournaments going on now over at cybersportsnetwork at Twitch.TV.

BUT: it does look odd that they were receiving new subs at the rate of about 1,200 per day and then that number shot up to 118,000 on September 22nd and 193,000 on the 23rd.

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  1. The reason why RiotGamesInc blew up, was that they offered a free champion (a playable character in the game) to everyone who subscribed to their youtube channel. They are offering the same deal to people on facebook.


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