Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Phil DeFranco And LinzLoves And Their Trip Through Italy

If you are subscribed to Philip DeFranco on one of his channels on Youtube you may have noticed that he was taking a couple of weeks off to travel over to Europe with his lovely girlfriend LinzLoves. They spent some time in Itlay, specifically Rome and then in Venice and Florence before heading over to Amsterdam.

Most of the videos of what they saw and did were posted on Linz' Youtube channel (link given above) and you might want to subscribe to her's for more of her videos of her trips to Rome and London prior to this one she made with Phil.

This first video is of them in Venice. I have not had the chance to see Europe, so if you have not been there yet yourself, here's a good chance to see some of the sights.

After Venice they went over to Florence which is one of the old cities of Italy (I know they are all old cities, but I mean compared to the US and Canada).

A little bit more of the sightseeing in Florence, some museums etc.

This was towards the end of the Italy leg of their trip. Nice mask Phil lol. It does look like that wine festival would be an interesting stop.

Finally, they are about to leave Italy and head over to Amsterdam. It seems like they are having a great time all through this trip. In case you are wondering, they spent most of their evenings at hostels rather than expensive hotels. It looks like the sort of trip most of us would love to take. A beautiful girl, good food and terrific scenery. I'm envious as hell Phil lol.

And after they had returned to the United States, Phil posted this video of their trip, teasingly entitled "Secret Venice Proposal". If you read many of the comments on these videos, a lot of viewers were yelling and proding Phil to "Marry that girl Phil!" and comments like that. Many did seem to think that they thought that Phil might propose to Linz or something, but that of course is their own business. Who knows, maybe he proposed before they went, or maybe he did over there. Or not. Not really any of my business or your's. It seems like what they were doing was taking some time off and getting some time away together which is always important. Anyway, here's some more of their time in Venice.

There is more of their trip being posted all the time and if you enjoyed this clips, sub to LinzLoves for more. If you are following them on Twitter (@PhillyD and @LinzLuvs) they posted a bunch of pictures of their trip.

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