Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shay Carl Behind the Scenes At Vidcon

In case you don't know, a little gathering of online folks has been taking place in L.A. known as "Vidcon" and here Shay Carl and the Shaytards are vlogging about the shindig. Shay and the family are going to be on stage (hopefully Shay won't throw Rocktard out into the audience like last year) and if you watch the video you will likely see all sorts of the top Youtubers. First there's KassemG, Michael Buckley from his "What The Buck Show", iJustine, Tobuscus, MysteryGuitarMan, CTFxC (Charles Trippy and Alli Speed) and many others passing by the camera.

Now don't you wish you had bought a ticket? It unfortunately sold out in early May. If you're thinking ahead to Vidcon 2012 it is still a long way away and the location and other stuff has not been worked out, but you better plan on buying your ticket as soon as they become available.

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